I'm a personal coach who works with women over the age of 40 who strive to be strong and healthy...doesn't always mean skinny. Sometimes that means losing weight, overcoming emotional eating or learning to take time to care for yourself. These things don't come naturally. Sometimes we need a guide.

About 10 years ago, I had a mind/body/spirit crisis (read my story here) and began to clean up what I eat and how I care for myself. Along the way, I put the pieces of the puzzle together so that I can feel strong and healthy.

You might have your stuff together in a million other ways but not have been able to conquer maintaining a healthy weight and making yourself a priority in addition to your other life jobs. I understand. Let me help you. We all deserve to feel strong and healthy!

Go here and learn how I can help you! And connect with me below so I can stay in touch (no more than twice per week) and also on my social media links below so you can learn and get to know me. I can't wait to meet you!

Joyful Healing With Helen