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Dragging through your days, stressed out and overwhelmed stinks.

Together we form a team to get you strong, happy & healthy.

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Strong, Happy and Healthy Transformation Plan

I have completed several different groups to assist women in learning how to balance their lives and lose weight with a low-carb/ketogenic way of eating.

Now it's an online transformation plan with two different options: self-directed online program or an online program with one-on-one personalized support from Helen.

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Young Living Essential Oils

I've started using essential oils a couple years ago but really didn't know much about the God-given healing properties that oils innately have. I bought them based on what I thought smelled good.

Then I began to do some research...and more research and learned about the benefits of using oils; topically, internally and aromatically.

What I learned is that they are very powerful and there's an oil for just about anything. They support our physical, emotional and spiritual health and are way more fun that popping pills. I use essential oils almost exclusively to support my health and wellness.

I love sharing my oils with others. I spend time getting to know you and we formulate a plan just for you! I make sure you know exactly how to use each oil.

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When you know you're ready to get started the best way is with a Premium Starter Kit, go here and let's get started. Then I will be in touch to get you my personalized goodie bag so you have everything you need to use your oils and we'll set-up a time to plan your oil regimen just for you.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping

I believe EFT Tapping can be a key to overcoming emotional blocks from your past that keep you from moving forward and achieving your best life. I personally worked with an EFT practitioner to overcome traumas from my past and finally broke free from blocks that talk-therapy were never able to be release.

In June 2018, I completed the training and passed the level exam for EFT Tapping through The EFT Academy. I am currently a practitioner candidate for certification and over the next year will be working with at least 25 practice clients (two 45-60 min sessions).

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