Me and My Mom
When I arrived to pick her up this morning, we were unplanned twins! You can’t see it but I also have on bright pink and black and both of us have heart necklaces on so we decided today was the day for a pic!

Let me introduce you to someone super special to me. By looking at our pic, you might already have it figured out. She’s my number one coaching client and probably my number one fan. She’s been by my side from day one and although we don’t always agree 100% of the time, I think she’s pretty cool. Yes, this is my mom! We’ll call her “T” here because that’s what my sons and the rest of our family call her.

She has agreed to let me help share her story which is also inextricably mingled with my own story. For a number of years, she’s talked about writing a book. Not sure we have a book in us…although if it comes, we’ll make it happen but I feel more than certain that her story ( possibly mine too) will help someone.

T has bipolar disease with schizoaffective and anxiety disorders and has struggled for many years to find balance in her life. We celebrate the days we have now! Although not every day is perfect, there is so much to give thanks for with the balance that she embraces in her life now.

I don’t know exactly what sharing her story will look like. We are going to be open to sharing what she’s experienced personally and what we’ve experienced as a family.

Mental illness is one of those things we’d rather sweep under the rug and pretend doesn’t exist but statistics according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness tell us the following:

1% of our adult population lives with schizophrenia (different than schizoaffective disorder)
2.6% of our adult population lives with bipolar disorder
6.9% of our adult population lives with major depression
18.1% of our adult population lives with an anxiety disorder.

The numbers speak for themselves. We are a society living with mental illness. And we need to do better caring for ourselves and each other through these mental illnesses.

I don’t believe funding and resources are keeping up with the need to care for and minimize the risks of mental illness. My prayer is that sharing my mom’s story will give hope to both those who live with mental illness and also those who love people with mental illness.

Mom and I will share what has and hasn’t worked for her. I promise we will ALWAYS tell you to take your prescribed medicine. There are good (not perfect) prescription medicines out there and you have to take them as prescribed so they can work. If what you’re taking now isn’t working, talk to your psychiatrist! Don’t give up on finding a balance. There is hope!

We will also share with you how my mom has learned to care for herself (maybe with a little help from me, her personal holistic health coach). She has found ways to take her health into her own hands and see big improvements.

Reach out anytime. If you have questions for my mom, I’m happy to act as her secretary and relay information. Looking forward to sharing with you!

Have something that you’d like to know? Just ask! We want to give you information that will help you! Plan to hear from my mom 1-2 times per month. Otherwise we’re happy to answer questions in between her posts.