We Need to Move Our Bodies

I might be getting ready to get on my soapbox, sisters (and brothers)! I keep seeing posts about all this exercise and all the expectations of pushing ourselves and doing and this and doing that. I’m bloody up to here with it…(and no, I’m not suddenly British but that’s what came out)! It’s driving me crazy. And I don’t mean I have a big problem with New Years resolutions or anything like that. Whatever works for you but let’s be real! For the majority of us, the resolutions aren’t really working so let’s talk about what might work.

Sidenote: you marathoners, triathletes and runners-high people, I’m not really talking to you. I know and love people like you (you know who you are!) but y’all are a strange breed so feel free to move along.

God made our bodies for us to care for and move them! I know we live much more sedentary lives than our ancestors or even our grandparents so we have to create ways to move our bodies. I think we can all agree on that.

BUT we do not have to beat the poo out of our bodies or make them feel bad. We need to try things and find activities that are enjoyable (and if you’ve never loved exercise, let’s aim for halfway enjoyable).

Exercise is about moving our bodies so they stay healthy. I just don’t believe it’s about beating ourselves up mentally or physically. For me, the only way I’ve made exercise a consistent part of my life (and it’s still sometimes a struggle) is to do something that I enjoy and feels good to me and my body. Our brains will rebel against what feels bad and we will avoid it. It’s the way God programmed our brains.

And let me mention while I’m thinking about it. Losing weight is mostly about what you are putting in your mouth. Exercise is a relatively small component to losing weight. I don’t even bring exercise up to my health coaching clients until we are about a month into their program and sometimes not even then! I bet your ears perked up to that info, right?

We need to move our bodies! Doesn’t have to be complicated. Putting on some good supportive shoes and going for a walk is a wonderful place to start. Taking a yoga class is delightful. If you want to try to those crazy elliptical machines, be my guest! I’m pretty sure I’d immediately fall off if I ever tried one. Just call me Grace! And who invented those torture machines anyway?!?! Try tennis, swimming, walking in the pool, riding a bike, Zumba, kayaking, paddleboarding…whatever sounds fun and manageable to you.

We need to move our bodies. We need to spend 30-45 minutes 3-5 times per week moving our bodies. It can be broken down into smaller sessions over the course of the day! And if you need to start at 5 minutes 2 days a week, start there! If you need to start with walking to the corner and back, start there. Start where you are, listen to your body and increase as you are able.

We need to move to our bodies. We need to increase our heart rate so that we could have a conversation but would prefer not to. Start where you are and increase your speed as you are able. Add in some hills when you are able. Add in some steps when you are able. Start where you are, listen to your body and increase as you are able.

We need to move our bodies. We also need to listen to our bodies. They will tell us what they need if we begin to slow down and listen, not push it beyond what it’s able and prepared to do. I’m not saying don’t at some point push a little bit but I’m saying don’t hurt yourself or get yourself to the point where your brain resists and you just stop moving your body.

No pun intended but this is a marathon, not a race. We need to move our bodies until they put us in the ground. That’s how we stay as young as possible!

Many of us have health concerns (adrenal fatigue, autoimmune conditions, thyroid issues, diabetes, prediabetes, IBS, fibromyalgia…the list is longer but I’ll stop there…you get the idea.) that means we need to move our bodies but in gentle ways that are right for us. Listen! Your body will tell you what it can handle. Just keep trying but not pushing too hard!

We need to move our bodies.
For me, that looks like doing my T-Tapp routine 2-4 times per week, parking a little further from the front door when I’m out shopping, taking the stairs when I can, walking our dogs with my husband (need to do this more!), a therapeutic yoga class when I can make it happen, just moving my body more throughout the day. When I push too hard, my body quickly let’s me know and I’ve learned to back off…I’m an adrenal fatigue and surgical menopause girl and my body still reminds me not to push too hard.

What does that look like for you? I’d love for you to share! You will inspire someone else to try what you love!!!

If you need help getting started with exercise or need help overcoming health concerns so you have the energy and strength to move your body, let’s chat. If you have a brain block or emotional resistance to exercise (which I had), let’s chat. That’s what I’m here for! That’s my passion in life to help you lead strong, happy and healthy lives! Please don’t give up, it is possible!

Love to all!

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